The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

           The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) (www.oie.int) has recognized AAHL as OIE Reference Laboratory for White Tail Disease (WTD) of prawn.

The OIE is an intergovernmental organization responsible for improving animal health, worldwide. The OIE has a total of 172 Member Countries and Territories.

           It has a global network of 171 Reference Laboratories with 146 experts covering 93 diseases in 32 countries with the prime objectives of transparency, scientific information, international solidarity, sanitary safety, promotion of veterinary services and food safety and animal welfare.

           India is the latest country to be included with ours being the only Reference Laboratory in the whole of the country with an OIE designated expert (A.S.Sahul Hameed).

          There are 35 reference laboratories designated by OIE functioning in the USA, 38 in UK, 25 in France, 19 in Canada, 17 in Germany, 13 in Japan, 11 in Australia, 3 in China, and one in India, i.e. AAHL at C.Abdul Hakeem College, Melvisharam.