Resource Available

Materials available for research:

The AAHL provides the following materials to carry out the research on aquatic animal diseases.

  • Viral and bacterial pathogens encountered in Indian aquaculture system
  • Plasmids with partial viral genome used as positive control for PCR and RT-PCR analysis (YHV, TSV, IMNV and GAV)
  • Antibodies for viral and bacterial pathogens (WSSV, HPV, MrNV, fish nodavirus and Vibrio anguillarum)
  • PCR and RT-PCR Diagnostic kits for pathogens of aquatic animals.
  • Clones constructed with genes of viral and bacterial pathogens and useful for developing diagnostics and vaccines.
  • Clones for production of dsRNA specific to WSSV and HPV of shrimp.
  • Fish cell lines for virlogical, toxicological and gene expression studies.
  • Herbal immunostimulants for shrimp.