The AAHL has developed different products related to aquatic animal disease and these products are being commercialized through aquaculture based companies.          

Products developed at AAHL

  • PCR based diagnostic for shrimp viruses (WSSV, MBV, HPV and IHHNV).
  • RT-based diagnostic for viruses of prawn and fish (MrNV/XSV and fish nodavirus).
  • Immunodiagnostic for viruses of shrimp and prawn.
  • Herbal and recombinant viral protein immunostimulants.
  • dsRNA specific to genes of WSSV to control WSSV infection.
  • Twenty five fish cell lines for virological and toxicological applications.
  • In vitro model for WSSV replication.
  • Recombinant and DNA vaccines for Vibrio anguillarum.
  • Whole cell, Recombinant and DNA vaccines for fish nodavirus.

Product under trial:

dsRNA specific to WSSV is under trail to control WSSV infection in shrimp in collaboration with GPS Biotech, Hyderabad under the scheme of SIBRI funded by BIRAC-DBT.

Products commercialized

PCR Diagnostic Kit for Shrimp Viruses

            Technology of PCR based diagnostic method to detect WSSV and other viruses in shrimp has been transferred to an Aquaculture based company namely Poseidon Biotech, Chennai (DSIR recognized and ISO certified company) by signing an agreement on 30.01.2004 and company has introduced this PCR diagnostic kit in the market under the brand name of D.Sahul’s kit for the benefit of shrimp hatchery operators, farmers and shrimp diagnostic laboratories.

               PCR diagnostic kit for detection of shrimp viruses has been commercialized under the brand name of “Dr.Sahul’s PCR kit” in 2005. The salient features of this kit are:

A. Increased sensitivity without affecting specificity,

B. Short PCR cycling parameters and results within 4-5 hours,

C. Based on the dominant protein of WSSV,

D. Nested PCR, two step and user-friendly protocol,

E. Positive and negative controls given separately,

F. Detects WSSV within 1 hour post infection,

G. Fast and accurate DNA extraction protocol suitable for WSSV, MBV and HPV and

H. Cheap and reliable. This kit has been distributed not only in India and also to Sri Lanka, Tanzania etc.

Herbal Immunostimulant for Shrimp

                 Technology for production of Herbal Immunostimulant has been transferred to Chennai based aquaculture company namely, Poseidon Biotech (DSIR recognized and ISO certified company) by signing in MoU on 25.06.2004 and in Technology Transfer Agreement on 31.5.2010. The company has introduced this product under brand name of ‘IMMUZONE’ in the market for the benefit of shrimp farmers in 2005.

                It is derived from a group of terrestrial plants through extraction process and contains a group of compounds, which improves the resistance against viruses. IMMUZONE acts as an Immunostimulant in shrimps by increasing the defensive mechanism of the animals by way of enhancing hemocytic activities of shrimps. This is evident from the higher levels of Pro-phenol oxidase and nitric oxide in the shrimps after the ingestion of IMMUZONE while feeding. IMMUZONE improves health and growth of shrimps in ponds. It is cheap and reliable.