Rohu (Labeo rohita): Eye (RE) and Gill (LRG) Cell Lines

Applications: Toxicological studies and Gene expression.

Deposited at: CAHC Repository, Melvisharam and NBFGR, Lucknow, India

Species: Rohu (Labeo rohita)

Special Characters:

  • Optimum temperature     -    28°C
  • Chromosomal number    -    50 (2n) (Manna and Prasad, 1971)
  • Transfection efficiency   -    Medium
  • Authentication                -     By PCR using primer sets of 12S rRNA and Cox 1 genes

Ishaq Ahmed, V.P, Vikash Chandra, Sudhakaran, R., Rajesh Kumar, S., Sarathi, M., Sarath Babu, V., Ramesh Bhonde. and Sahul Hameed, A.S. 2009. Development and characterization of cell lines derived from rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) and catla, Catla catla- (Hamilton). Journal of Fish Diseases 32, 211-218.

Abdul Majeed, S., Nambi, K. S. N., Taju, G., Sundar Raj, N., Madan, N.,  Sahul Hameed, A. S. 2013. Establishment and characterization of permanent cell line from gill tissue of Labeo rohita (Hamilton) and its application in gene expression and toxicology. Cell Biology and Toxicology 29, 59-73.

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